DaLomba Masonry, your new Venetian Plaster Applicator.


Venetian Plaster Applicator | DaLomba Masonry

At DaLomba Masonry we’re committed to excellence in Masonry, Stucco, Pavers and Venetian Plaster.

Venetian plaster is a contemporary term used to describe an ancient technique for wall coating. In the past few years, major paint outlets and manufacturing companies have created techniques and wall coverings to imitate the appearance of Venentian Plaster, thus having the product become slightly commoditized.

We will show you the difference.

Typically most families we’ve served want to see how it might look on their own walls…so we created a showroom in Elmsford, NY.  The entire showroom is wall to wall Venetian Plaster so you can see and touch what it look like and get a good feel for how great your own home or business will look once you’re done.