Brian Lomba, President of DaLomba Masonry started our company in 2004 in New Rochelle NY, as a sub-contractor for his father.

Brian’s father, Manny, has been in the business since the 1970’s and the family has over 70 years experience in the industry. As a 1st generation American, Brian’s family hails from Portugal, so continuing and improving the family business, as a 3rd generation Mason, was a life long goal of his.  Brian continued to work as a sub-contractor for 2-3 years and then around 2006 – father and son separated.  Manny took for the south while his son Brian stayed to grow the business in the north.


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“The first house we completed was in April of ’07…it was a 5,000 sq. foot house in Danbury Connecticut” Brian said, smiling as if he was re-living the sense of satisfaction of his first job.  “They picked us based on a recommendation from a house we had done in Greenwich CT…and from that one job, we just grew from referral after referral after referral.”

Brian attests to the fact that there are specific reasons why people continue to use him and recommend his great company after the job is complete.  “People like the quality, people like the price, and we’re still small enough where we’re approachable, we can work with you.”, Brian then added “They like what we do, and how hard our employees work”.  DaLomba Masonry isn’t ashamed to admit that they work hard but have fun while they’re doing it.  Customers like that.

In 2004, DaLomba Masonry completed 7 homes, the next year they almost doubled to 12 homes…but in 2011, DaLomba Masonry exploded, completing 17 new homes and repairs and completing 6 commercial buildings, including a gym.

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Considered by many to be the the most prestigious up and coming masonry and plastering company in the tri-state area, DaLomba Masonry continues to win award after award to bolster these claims.

Ask anyone that buys supplies and materials from them, and they’ll agree…they’re top notch.  Their finished products are consistently showcased in catalogs ensuring DaLomba Masonry a perennial award on major websites and publications for masonry and stucco companies.

One thing is certain, DaLomba Masonry has their work cut out for them.  As one of the fine companies that have survived this very tough economy, Brian knows that his hard work has allowed his company to shine through as a regional leader.  “We know that it’s tough for the average person to do home make-overs these days because they’re afraid they may lose their jobs”, he then added “just like it’s hard for a contractor or a builder to start developing as well…credit’s tight for many people, but we’re confident that if we just concentrate on what we can control [quality], we’ll be in a good position to help a lot of people”.